Electrical Localisation


Scanning Optical Microscopy

- Multi-laser NIR scanning optical microscope
- 1064 nm laser (capable of electron-hole pair generation through backside silicon)
- 1340 nm laser (high resolution thermal probe which allows localized heating)s
- Multiple techniques available (e.g. VBA, TIVA, SDL)
- High power delivery 30 mW at DUT for all objectives including 100x
- Navigation camera for real time backside imaging to complement the slow scan rate of laser scan module

Scanned NIR laser activity localize failures which are sensitive to electron-hole pair generation of thermal stimulation.

Photon Emission Microscopy

- High Numerical Aperture (NA)
- Long Working Distance (WD)
- High Sensitivity Macro Lens
- High Sensitivity Detector (Cooled CCD Camera & InGaAs Camera)
- Real Time Backside Imaging

For localization of detection semiconductor devices caused by leaked junctions, contact spiking, latch up, oxide breakdown, and other current leakage phenomenon that produce light emission.


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