Quality Policy


Meeting Customer’s Needs Through One-Stop Analysis

The Management Representative ensures that the quality objectives are established within ILPL. The measurable quality objectives are:

i. To consistently achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through customer survey and feedback;
ii. To constantly complete the analytical tests within the delivery time frame specified by the customer;
iii. To ensure accurate and error-free analytical reports and services

Inscope Labs has implemented the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) procedure and process to protect and handle ESD sensitive items susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge. Our laboratory is set up in an Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPAs), this is to ensure all our customers’ samples and sensitive devices do not experience any static discharges.

Our staff are trained and equipped with ESD knowledge to handle customers’ ESD sensitive devices and samples. A compliance verification audit plan has been established to ensure Inscope Labs is compliance with the requirements of the ESD Control Procedure.

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